Facebook – Friend or Foe?

Talking to networking buddies, I said that I needed to “get to grips with Facebook” – How would I do this? I have thought about this since and I have retained the status that I dislike Facebook as much as I love Twitter.

I then gave some thought as to which social media platform would be more suitable for my business www.so-occasion.co.uk. Which is best for promoting my business? Which brings in the most work? What should I use? What social media platforms are best for connecting? Like a security blanket, which am I most comfortable with? What scrapes and leads should I avoid? What are these lists all about?

Well, after a few weeks of pondering, talking to other social media contacts, and business advisers, I have been told that there is no need to be on every social media channel going, I just need to pick the ones that are suitable for me. I find that Twitter is more business orientated and “of the moment” and suits my purposes more than any other channel. I also like to dip into LinkedIn which is useful for professional purposes.

However, I realise that a lot of small businesses may only have their Facebook page and not an actual website as this seems to be the norm these days. So their Facebook page needs to be up to the minute, pertinent, and have all the information that is required to be found quickly and without any navigational problems.

What I do not like about Facebook is that you have to ask fellow businesses to “like” your page. I hate this. It smacks of a friend in the school yard. “Will you like me? Will you be my friend?” We do like to keep up with those we know, and I believe that this is okay as far as friends are concerned. I have friends on Facebook from my primary and secondary school days and from my early working life as well as more recent. It is good to keep up with them. I have also found Facebook to be useful to keep on top of events in my local area, if that is of interest; and for networking and group purposes.

Other possible negatives concerning Facebook is that it lays your “soul bare”, if you would let it. It shows what you are interested in, whether you like cats, dogs , wildlife, or even gardening. To me, this is something that I may not wish others to know about me. I like to leave a little bit of mystery surrounding my life and I do not tend to put many photos on the site, if I can help it. I am not a firm advocate of preening myself and showering my personal life into the public domain. But I realise that if I am to succeed in my business, I do need to talk a little bit about myself. But, for now, I shall keep this to Twitter and promote my business that way.

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