Organisation – how it can benefit your business

Sometimes it’s all down to time management. We all need to be organised and as hectic as life gets sometimes, it is even more crucial. I am sure you have many stationery items and I sure do love stationery.  Perhaps you have a Filofax, (other time management systems are available); or a diary, or similar! These can help you to be organised, or you may have it all on your iphone or ipad etc. This is all very well until technology lets you down. So, confusion could reign here, but I suggest that you get yourself an organisation notebook. There are various pads on the market or you can print out sheets from the internet. Some are very colourful. Or you could try filling in a Bullet Journal – these are fun. Imagine the joy of deleting items from the list as you complete them?

So, starting from this base, you need to sit down once a week and outline what you are going to do the following week, the following month. Write down your long-term goals and specify what you are going to do towards that major dream or goal. Identify the tasks that you will do this week. Schedule in those mundane tasks, prioritise the most important and leave space for those interesting tasks that you may wish to include. It all has to go into your “To Do” list for the week. You could sort the work into approximately 6 main business chunks:-

Essential, Important, Not so important, Something you can delegate (may not be easy if you are a sole trader), Not really necessary (perhaps you can ditch this) and the final one – interesting. This could be something you may want to do when time allows.

One sign of a well-planned business is an organised work schedule. So, you are working through your list. Take those tiny steps daily to the main goal – but only you will know what that goal is. Remember Rome, or any other city for that matter, was not built in a day.

Try to stick to your “To Do” list and keep referring to it.  Above all, enjoy your work.

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