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Creating Zippy content

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in writing. At school, I liked to do the comprehension – this thrilled me much more than Maths or Algebra. When other pupils were struggling with their science or their jigsaws, I could be seen filling in a crossword puzzle or making words from a short sharp sentence! I was so excited when I was able to find words from that one sentence, and the most words I discovered, the better. These tasks fuelled my imagination for life and the subsequent writing I created. I devoured the words from a vast dictionary whilst others were devouring their food cooked in a Domestic Science class. To me, those cooking skills were not half as fascinating as comprehension.

During these down times (in the current Pandemic), I have been able to glance back at the diaries I created in my late teens and early twenties. This has been a real revelation and paved the way for the writing that I have done in later life. The diaries were a reminder that I liked a bit of a social life at weekends and that if I had a quiet weekend, I was not impressed.  However, life went on and eventually I got married and had a family. My diary did continue but in a much briefer format. It has certainly recorded the sad and the happy occasions of my existence, to the extent that I now have 53 notebooks fat and full of life’s momentous events.

I suppose because I have delved into administrative tasks as I originally trained as a Secretary, and because I am able to write Pitman’s Shorthand at speed, I have always been involved in the creation of paragraphs. It thrills me that I have kept up my shorthand writing and it came in handy when I had to take notes during my undergraduate course in Trinity St Davids, Carmarthen. When I graduated in 2008, as a mature student, in Creative Writing and English, I could not have been more excited. This was the way that I wanted my life to go.

Since then, I have been writing snippets, paragraphs and poetry and I have been creating Social Media posts for small businesses. I have even written short stories for children but, as yet, have not been able to get them published. For me, it is not about getting published but about the actual task of writing itself.

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