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Still #sparkling and headed towards the end of #January

I am sure that, like me, you are working through your goals and aspirations for #January. Try sorting your work into approximately 6 main business chunks – Essential, Important, Not so important, Something you can delegate (may not be easy if you are a sole trader), Not really necessary (perhaps you can ditch this) and the final one – interesting. This could be something you may want to do when time allows.

One sign of a well planned business is well planned business activity. So, you are working through your list. Take those tiny steps daily to the main goal – but only you will know what that goal is. Remember Rome, or any other city for that matter, was not built in a day.

Try to stick to your #sparkly list and keep referring to it. You may wish to get your hands on one of these – see photo – and dip into either daily or weekly. Each little snippet gives you encouragement and something to IMG_5755aim for, whether it is for that day or for that week!

Email me if you would like a little box of encouraging phrases.