What we do

Creating Tweets for Twitter or other social media accounts

SPECIAL OFFER – 1 free tweet for every 10 requested. £25.00 for 10. Quote #free tweet! Email or phone 07769 957962.

Promotions with #zing; words with #panache / Hyrwyddo â #steil, geiriau â #swyn

This is our current strapline and it works well.

So-Occasion is a small modern lifestyle business with a big heart, based in Carmarthenshire. So-Occasion is unique in that we create tweets, straplines or snippets for Twitter or other social media streams. There is nothing better than sitting at a desk looking out the window into a quiet courtyard, dreaming up words that click together like a beautifully crafted necklace. Each word has to slot into the next! When we hear a newbie in Twitter utter the words “I don’t get Twitter,” we are really animated and excited to assist.

So-Occasion is mostly all about writing and creating #tweets, #taglines or other social media content. We have a passion for words and how they all link together. We are able to assist with your creative content material and copy writing and also press releases. A recent strand of our business is live #tweeting at your event.

We are also interested in your #papermountains and other admin dilemmas and are therefore able to deal with most office and admin tasks, together with organisational procedures. We are happy to help with any kind of business support, including completing difficult forms and the shredding of those unwanted pesky #paperhills. We are successful at telephone selling and can provide that voice over that you may require for your telephone answering service.

We operate a laminated business card promotion and do a finely tuned leaflet distribution service.

We can facilitate at an event of your choice helping you to collect names and addresses and directing your clients to you. We will also hang onto them whilst you may be busy with another client. We offer a bespoke promotional service and are also able to give advice on customer service.

If you have membership schedules or targets that you need to update, hire a fresh face to help you accomplish this. We can also #meet and greet for you with a cheery smile; We have a heart for small businesses.

In addition, we love to write poetry and can help you with this, if you wish. Plus we also write Pitman’s Shorthand which is a very valuable skill to have. It is beautifully artistic, too.

For any of the above, please get in touch with So-Occasion on Mob: 07769 957962 or 01558 822622.

Promotions with #zing, words with #panache / Hyrwyddo â #steil, geiriau â #swyn